February 7, 2019

1 Leave a comment on paragraph 1 0 This week’s readings are excellent examples of what can be done with the medium that we call essay. The possibilities are quite vast and we see different kinds of approaches to it. For example the video of composing with black noise is in itself a reflection of what or how the author’s thinking while she’s writing an essay. Although it has clear identify and ideological practices .But it’s still a statement in its own because the video is not about what the video is about. The video is about what the author listens to while she’s composing pieces for different purposes. While it’s not really about what the author is thinking while she’s writing let’s say an essay but it’s rather about what outside environment settings she’d like to be in while she engages in the act of thinking which is for the purpose of writing or composing or creating in general. So it has a really meta feeling to it which I think is excellent.

2 Leave a comment on paragraph 2 0 Because it really challenges the structures that an ordinary college audience would associate with the term essay. Which also brings us to the website with the memoirs which are like snapshots from the author’s s past. This gives the website and it’s content a very memory-like structure and I think it works within the context. The art along with the writing really sets a mood that might or might not work for some readers. Still a great sort of approach to the idea of what an essay can be that personafies the author to the reader. Which may or may not be successful.

3 Leave a comment on paragraph 3 0 So the two texts or mediums that we encountered really went back to Montaigne’s idea of what an essay ”should” be. Which again in my case I don’t agree with. (Not that it can’t be creative and different and have elements of self-exploration but the idea that something has to something like this or that)

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